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Customer Testimonials

Reviews of the control of Poison Ivy, Poison Sumac, Poison Oak, and other noxious & invasive plants.

Colie Richardson
There is no price too high to remove poison ivy when you are allergic!!! They gave us a wonderful price. Larry was amazing and so knowledgeable! Every year I will have them come back. This is a service you cannot find anywhere else. Thank you so much! From the bottom of my heart! You made me so very happy and I appreciate it!

Kelly Feather
I was very happy with their service! They took care of our pervasive poisin ivy and I am looking forward to having them out again if needed.

Rachel Wagner
We have successfully been using them for years! I do not hesitate to refer to clients or friends. They are thorough and great to work with!

Kathy Laing
As a Dermatologist who not only sees many patients with Allergic Contact Dermatitis to poison ivy, but also suffers from this allergy myself. I am very grateful to the technician for eradicating this annoying plant from my property. I have been recommending you to my friends and patients. Thank you!

Heidi Brower
Richard was awesome! He even came out on his day off! Money well spent to see all my poison ivy turning brown! I can finally like my house again!

Gwyn Schwerdtfeger
Great service cutting decades of old vines on a few trees. Also spot treated younger vines through out our back wooded area. Such a help. Learned a lot. Made two visits and well worth the price (Not as much as it could have been.) We will definitely have them come out again for spring maintenance.

Kevin Salmot
I had a huge vine the previous owners of my home left me with. It has been a struggle until I called the company and had a tech come out. They are really keeping my poison ivy at bay!

Cindy Mayo
Excellent service. Richard was kind, polite and very informative about the species of plants in our yard. Mapped everything out for us and did an excellent job treating all the areas. Would highly recommend them.

Stephanie Doran
We have used them since 2017. We live on several acres with trees and wetlands. They have taken care of the poison ivy, invasive bitter sweet and any other species that we have. They are very knowledgeable of what needs to be take care of. I highly recommend them for any invasive plants.

Mike Korczyk
Did a great job! They were very professional, prompt and did exactly as promised. They treated all areas that had poison ivy and killed the invasive plant. I would highly recommend this company! I will be using them in the future for any poison ivy needs.

Mark E
Larry is the best! Communicative about his arrival and when on sight, very thorough to locate and remove all poison ivy on property. Coming back a few weeks later to ensure that everything is dead. Highly recommend him!

Rick Galardi
What a great resource. We’ve had 2 different techs out & both were communicative, thorough & provided outstanding service. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Dana Chauvette
Got us in quickly, showed us where the plants were, sprayed, told us our next steps all in an easy to follow way. I know nothing about plants and after he left I felt much better about our yard.

Rochelle Hanley
Our property had enough poison ivy that it was impossible to enjoy our yard. I tried to eradicate it myself but to no avail. Rick came out twice at the exact time and date specified. He was very professional and extremely knowledgeable about the noxious plants and invasive species. The treatments seem to be working quite effectively. I look forward to working with them next year.

Kristine Morgenstein
I had my poison ivy treated on my property. CJ did a great job! He was knowledgeable about all the plants and sprayed the poisonous ones. I was a little skeptical, but after about a week, the leaves turned brown and brittle. So I am feeling optimistic that after the 2nd treatment, the poison ivy won’t continue to spread, and hopefully, I will feel comfortable gardening again.

Tiffany Brinker
We’ve had Larry come out a few times to treat our poison ivy. He is very knowledgeable and great to work with. He explained everything to me, made other recommendations to help manage other invasive species we have, and answered all of my questions. Really appreciate how easy they are to work with.

Maria Gonzalez
Larry and the crew were extremely personable, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Their service was very efficient and excellent at explaining the process of their thorough service with our poison ivy problem at several places on the property. I would highly recommend them for pesky plant removal!

Denise Felker
I met Larry when he arrived to treat my neighbors yard. A week prior I had a nasty encounter with poison ivy. He walked my large, wooded, poison ivy filled acreage and pointed out many things in addition to the evil plant in question. He was friendly and knowledgeable. My situation required a three step process and I already see results after step one. I highly recommend!

Suzanne Smith
I love working in my yard, but getting poison ivy twice within two months was very discouraging!!! I saw a billboard for Poison Ivy removal, so I called. The gal explained everything well and made me feel better about spending the money. Jason came out and was very professional and quite confident that he could get rid of the nasty weed. It’s been about 2 months and I now am loving my time digging in the dirt. I know I will need a few visits next year, but I am so happy to have this problem under control!!! I highly recommend them!

Tiffany Wallace
These folks exceeded my expectations. The person I scheduled the appointment with was so friendly and personable. The guy who came out did a thorough job. I forgot to schedule the 2 week post appointment to make sure nothing grew back. He was Johnny on the spot and stopped by my house without me even having to ask. Love this company!

Christina Maier
I am using them to kill poison ivy and a number of other invasive species on my property. The person working on my project seems to have a really good knowledge of plant growth and physiology, and the best ways to combat the different species. They have done one treatment, and a lot of the plants that they sprayed have already died. They are on round two now. My neighbor recommended them to me, and I have been happy with them. I would recommend them. As far as price goes, they spent a lot of time just surveying my property, and a few more hours treating it, and they charged me what they quoted. It is work that my husband and I tried on our own, but we were not really effective, and I got poison ivy twice. They have better chemicals and better methods. I am really happy that they can deal with the mass quantity of poison ivy we got this year.